Click the following link to download a PDF of my dissertation. It is a 53M file:

Spatial Exploration: Physical, Abstracted, and Hybrid Spaces as Compositional Parameters in Sound Art


The following interviews were conducted for the Networked_Music_Review, and these links will take you there:

Natasha Barret

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller

Bill Fontana

Jeff Talman

Karen Van Lengen

Stephen Vitiello

The following interviews were conducted for my paper, “Sounding the Net: Recent Sonic Works for the Internet and Computer Networks” (2005):

Golan Levin (links to the NMR)

Max Neuhaus (links to the NMR)


Traub, Peter (2005). Sounding the Net: Recent sonic works for the internet and computer networks. Contemporary Music Review, 24 (6), 459-481.