Solera reviewed in C-Ville

<i>Solera</i> reviewed in C-Ville

Brendan Fitgerald, a writer for Charlottesville’s weekly Arts/News/Events magazine, wrote a review of Solera for their Nov. 3 – 9 issue. You can read it online at their website: C-Ville: Feedback Column – Peter Traub’s sound sculpture is something to shout about. Solera is now down. It ran very well (minus a few bugs that have since been worked out). I’m now on to other projects using the same gear, but am planning to install Solera again in the not-too-distant

Solera featured in UVA Today

<i>Solera</i> featured in UVA Today

Solera is now up and has been featured UVA Today, the University of Virginia’s main news outlet. Public affairs reporter Jane Ford did a story on the piece as well as my other dissertation works. Read it here. I had a few problems starting the piece due to some software issues, but hopefully it will run smoothly from here on out. It looks nice hanging in the lobby, as the speakers and suspension system blend in to Ruffin Hall’s open

Solera: for sound, site, and time

<i>Solera</i>: for sound, site, and time

Solera is a new installation (and part of my dissertation) that I will premiere in the main lobby space of Ruffin Hall at the University of Virginia on October 26, 2009 – it will run there for two weeks, 24 hours a day. Solera will spend each day accumulating and playing back the sonic activities and characteristics of the installation space – people passing through, conversations, machines, and music. Over the two weeks of the installation, the incidental sounds of

ground loops to be performed at PASIC ’09

<i>ground loops</i> to be performed at PASIC ’09

ground loops, my 2005 piece for solo percussion and internet feedback will be performed at the Percussive Arts Society’s International Conference (PASIC) on Wednesday, Nov. 11 during the Concert 1 of Focus Day. Percussionist (and now assistant professor in music cognition/percussion at McMaster University) Mike Schutz, will perform the piece. The concert begins at 9am in the Wabash Room. [audio:|titles=ground loops: for solo percussion and internet (mike schutz performing)|artists=peter traub] listen to Mike Schutz perform the premiere of ground loops