The second version of my installation, ItSpace, premiered at the SIGGRAPH 2011 Conference held at the Vancouver Convention Center in early August. I had spent the previous several months rebuilding the physical components of the piece from scratch. The original version was completed on a short deadline and used photos glued to paper-covered pieces of foam board. The new version was designed to handle more crowd traffic, as several thousand attendees were expected to file through the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery. The new photo boards were constructed from painted wood with the photos protected from fingerprints and other damage beneath thin panes of laser-cut plexiglass. The convention, as well as its location, was phenomenal, and I saw/heard/played with a number of fantastic art pieces and experimental technologies.

In addition to ItSpace’s gallery presence, it received a two-page spread in a special issue of Leonardo Magazine. You can also hear the recorded descriptions of ItSpace read in five different languages through the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery Podcast.

SIGGRAPH 2011, Vancouver, BC
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