Chirp! was an evening I created for Audio March at The Bridge in Charlottesville on March 10, 2010. It was an experiment in effecting seasonal disorder. We raised the temperature inside the Bridge’s main gallery space up to 83F and added a little humidity. I created a continuous sound installation, Freesound Summer that surrounded the space with sounds of summer such as birds, cicadas, children playing, and fireworks. I also hung a 660 watt ‘sun’ that I constructed from clamp lights, wire, and lighting gel scraps. While we were a small group, our wonderful performers, New Loft, Dzian!, and Cathy Monnes really had fun with and in the space. The performers played with the sound installation surrounding them, and the resulting mix worked well enough that I will try to do this again. Listen to New Loft’s improv below to hear the combination of their live instruments with my installation.

[audio:|titles=ChirpLive2010-03-10|artists=New Loft]

Chirp! was not a serious evening, but a reason to have fun, wear short sleeves, and get a little bit of summer in the air after our very snowy winter. Thank you to our performers, as well as The Bridge for hosting Chirp!.

Chirp! : playing summer in winter
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