Mike Schutz performing "ground loops" at PASIC '09
Mike Schutz performing ground loops at PASIC ’09

My 2005 piece, ground loops: for solo percussion and internet feedback, got a really good performance by percussionist, Mike Schutz, at the PASIC 2009 Focus Day. After a few hitches during the sound check the night before, everything went fine during the performance and I was very happy with the way the piece turned out. The last half of the piece can vary significantly depending on the sounds contributed in the first half of the piece. The ‘tail’ of this performance was one of the better ones. Listen here to the unofficial recording (made with an Edirol R-09):

[audio:http://redes.petertraub.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/ground-loops-mike-schutz-perf..mp3|titles=ground loops: for solo percussion and internet (mike schutz perf. at PASIC ’09)|artists=peter traub]
ground loops at PASIC ’09
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