3D rendering of SoleraSolera is a new installation (and part of my dissertation) that I will premiere in the main lobby space of Ruffin Hall at the University of Virginia on October 26, 2009 – it will run there for two weeks, 24 hours a day. Solera will spend each day accumulating and playing back the sonic activities and characteristics of the installation space – people passing through, conversations, machines, and music. Over the two weeks of the installation, the incidental sounds of each day and the acoustic resonances of the space will be layered upon each other, creating an aural memory of the space that will grow and change over time. Multiple visits to the piece are suggested.

I will give a free gallery talk on the piece on Monday, November 2nd at 5pm in the main lobby of Ruffin Hall. As the talk will take place in the space of the installation, it will also become part of the piece.


Solera: for sound, site, and time
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